name is Francine Tymes and I want to help you become
successful as a person as well as helping others become successful.
ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE is my website and my life's motto is:
"You can knock me down, but NEVER count me out".  I am a person
that keeps it moving in spite of the challenges that I face.  We all have
challenges, but the choice is don't let the challenges defeat you. 
Change is another thing that makes the challenges challenging.  We must
be ready for change, like it or not.  But change can be either good, bad
or indifferent.  But nevertheless, it's here.  With life we must change
because sometimes we are on a course and it is going well and then
all of a sudden life smacks you right in the face and knock you down
and at times we do not understand how we got there.  Most of us do,
most people don't want others to know.  But that's okay, because when
the storms of life is over, we are still going to wonder how did we get
out of this one.  But no matter what, life still goes on.  No matter what
state of mind you are in, what condition you are in mentally and where
you decide in your mind whether to stay where you are or MAKE THE
So if you are not happy in your present situation, the only thing you can
do is CHANGE.  Not only for yourself, but for the people that look up
to you like your family, friends and associates.  You may think that there
is no one like that in your corner, but guess what, You are important
and that matters.



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